A location written as an ode to nature...

Along a beaten track, the Yves Rocher Eco-Hotel & Spa lies nestled between trees, a wooden watchman overlooking the heath. To the right, a paddock and donkeys. To the left, a modern sculpture which reaches up to the sky. You are at La Grée des Landes, a natural jewel designed by Jacques Rocher in La Gacilly in Brittany, the Brand’s natural home.

A hotel, a gourmet organic restaurant, an Yves Rocher spa, but above all a living space which welcomes people, biodiversity and art in a calm and soothing combination. An invitation to relax along with the seasons. 

100% eco-designed hotel

La Grée des Landes is not just nestled amongst nature, it lives with nature.Certified with the High Quality Environmental standard and the Green Globe and European Ecolabel certifications,, it is a testament to the Yves Rocher Brand’s respect for ecosystems and the environment.  Green roofs, solar panels, a wood-fired boiler, rainwater collection, filter garden, natural coatings, bat nesting boxes... Here, nothing is left to chance - both for nature and your well-being.




When waking up in the early hours at La Grée des Landes, you can take an endless inventory: foxes, badgers, rabbits, squirrels, bats, brown frogs, blue tits, tawny owls, lacewings, golden ground beetles, damselflies... and 36 sorts of butterfly. The site, monitored by the French Bird Protection Society, contains 48 species, including 6 new nesting species: the woodlark, the grey flycatcher, the common linnet, the house sparrow, the firecrest and the European serin.

An open-air art gallery

At La Grée des Landes, artwork is part of the landscape and nothing is left to chance. Because nature is used as a source of inspiration, artistic material and the stuff of dreams. Everything that decorates our hotel also helps with well-being. This is why both inside and outside, everything is an artistic vision, committed to saving our ‘Parent Company’: Earth! During your walks, why not go and explore these artworks which are both beautiful and raise awareness.


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