This place has been composed as an ode to nature...

Round a bend in a little-trod path, you catch your first glimpse of the Eco-Hotel Spa Yves Rocher through the trees, like a wooden sentry overlooking the moors. To the right is a paddock, and a few donkeys. To the left, a modern sculpture reaches skyward. You are at La Grée des Landes, a haven of nature created by Jacques Rocher in La Gacilly, Brittany, the birthplace of the famous Brand.

It is a hotel, an organic gastro-restaurant, an Yves Rocher Spa, but above all a place where people, biodiversity and art co-exist peacefully and at peace. An ideal spot to unwind and revitalise, following the rhythm of the seasons. 

The first hotel
to be 100% eco-designed

Not only does La Grée des Landes nestle in Nature's bosom, it lives with Nature. Certified "Haute Qualité Environnementale" (HQE), accredited by Green Globe and awarded the European Ecolabel, it epitomises the Yves Rocher Brand's uncompromising commitment to ecosystems and the environment. Green roofs, solar panels, a wood-fired boiler, rainwater harvesting, a filter garden, natural claddings, bat nest-boxes… Here, nothing is left to chance, either for Nature or for your well-being. 

Eco-Hotel France La Grée des Landes, Yves Rocher in Brittany at La Gacilly
Eco-Hotel France La Grée des Landes, Yves Rocher in Brittany at La Gacilly


If you wake up early at La Grée des Landes, you can start an eclectic inventory that might include a fox, a badger, a rabbit, a squirrel, a pipistrelle bat, a common frog, a blue tit, a tawny owl, a lacewing, a golden ground beetle, a damselfly - and 36 different types of butterfly. This site, which is monitored by France's Birds Protection League (LPO), is home to 48 bird species, including six new nesting species: the wood lark, the spotted flycatcher, the common linnet, the house sparrow, the firecrest and the European serin. 

An open-air art gallery

At La Grée des Landes, art is part of the landscape, and none of the art installations is here by chance. Because here, we see Nature as a source of inspiration, providing the stuff that both works of art and dreams are made on. Because everything that enhances our environment also contributes to our well-being. That is why, everywhere you look, both indoors and outdoors, your eyes will rest upon the vision of an artist who shares the same commitment to protecting our Parent Company: Mother Earth! As you stroll around, look out for these art creations whose message is as much about beauty as it is about raising awareness.

Eco-Hotel France La Grée des Landes, Yves Rocher in Brittany at La Gacilly

a place where
time does not exist

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