"Les Jardins Sauvages" Organic Restaurant in Brittany

You are in the homeland of our chef, Gilles Le Gallès. He is an aesthete of the plant world, creating seasonal menus in which every kind of fruit, vegetable, root and aromatic herb finds its place. It is a gourmet's delight, of course, but it is also totally organic and locally-sourced. At Les Jardins Sauvages restaurant, Nature sets the tempo. 

* La Grée des Landes Yves Rocher Eco Spa Hotel is accessible to people with reduced mobility and the disabled.

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Depending on the chef's inspiration and what products are available within a radius of less than 50 kilometres, our menus are a composition of flavours, textures and colours. Day by day the menu follows the movements of Nature, and it changes completely every two months. Steamed delicacies, dishes complemented by sauces made with the juice of vegetables, or fish… or a few flower petals: good, beautiful and healthy. 

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More than 600 ingredients sourced from 45 suppliers, 35 wines... At Les Jardins Sauvages, everything is organic (except the fish, which cannot be certified). The chef puts together his range of delicious produce within a 50 km radius, from producers who share his commitment to the "organic and local" movement. Food "made in Brittany" from top to tail! This is one of the few restaurants in France to be certified 100% organic, ever since 2013. 

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Our chef Gilles Le Gallès

After studying with Bernard Loiseau and Gilbert Lecoze, he became chef at various restaurants in Paris which he owned, including La Barrière in Clichy, a restaurant serving traditional dishes, and the Aristippe fish restaurant. A native of Vannes in Brittany, in 2005 he decided to come back to the region where he was born. Since the establishment the "Les Jardins Sauvages" restaurant at the Yves Rocher Eco Spa Hotel in 2009, Gilles has been managing a team of nine cooks and eight waiters and waitresses.

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The kitchen garden on watch

At Les Jardins Sauvages, we keep an eye on Nature so as to take what she has to give... at the exact moment when she is ready to give it. Situated in the immediate vicinity of the restaurant, the kitchen garden is on watch all year round, to see what La Gacilly's soil is producing in terms of fruit, vegetables and herbs. When our chef does his buying he goes by this guide, his own inspiration, and one simple rule: if it does not grow here, it does not go onto the plate! Take a leisurely stroll up and down the paths before going in for your meal... 


The lounge bar is a pleasant place to sit for a while, no matter what the season. During summer, opening out onto the wooden terrace, it has a unique view over the kitchen garden, the works of art installed on the site and the fabulous sunsets. In winter, what better than sipping an aromatic tea or infusion beside the fire, browsing through the works of art available in the library. Sometimes this convivial, relaxing room turns into a Piano Bar, adding a lively note to its cosy atmosphere. 

                  the lounge

                  le vegetarium café

The Végétarium Café

Just 600 metres from the Eco-Hotel is the Végétarium Café, a pleasant place to stop off for a tasty snack in the picturesque small village of La Gacilly. It is full of greenery and light, and offers a range of Brasserie-style snacks from the kitchens of the Jardins Sauvages restaurant. You will find seasonal local products, cooked to bring out their natural flavours and aromas, served in a relaxed, convivial setting that is the perfect venue either for entertainments and early evening concerts, or for business meetings!

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