The paths to well-being

Breathe, you are at La Grée des Landes. You are greeted by our wellness, yoga, Pilates, sophrology and fitness coaches who will deliver your personalised schedule. A moment of tranquillity to relax your body and soothe your mind, at your own tempo... and in harmony with Nature. 

Wellness, the slow version

Do you need to slow down? Why not follow our Yoga coach for a session deep in the woods, in the heart of Nature. Or try sophrology, or Yin stretching exercises… Or perhaps you may prefer aqua-relaxation in the clear waters of the pool?

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Our Vitality sessions

If you are looking for an outlet for your overflowing energy, try the Sport Nature fitness trail, BodySculpt, or a Gymball session. Alternatively, a personalised Pilates coaching session or a thighs-bums-and-tums challenge might be just what you need.


Wellness, the tonic version

If more intense forms of exercise are more to your taste, you should enjoy our Fitness training circuits or TRX training. And our pool is not merely a place to relax; Aqua-bike and Aqua-training sessions are also held there.


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Active leisure space

La Grée des Landes is a haven of peace, but sports and fitness fans are also very well catered for. There is an indoor Wellness space with a pool, relaxation and fitness areas. Outdoor well-being trails have been laid out across the estate… and you can also go for a bike ride or a jog, along the hiking trail that goes alongside the Eco Spa Hotel. 


Nature's energy

The Natural Slow life… or the art of discovering, in Nature, the very essence of well-being. Here, the moorland's multitude of colours, and the infinite seasonal variations in the long grasses and the trees, invite you to take it easy. In active mode or meditative mode, you will feel good. Quite simply.