The organic gourmet restaurant « Les Jardins Sauvages »



The «Jardins Sauvages» Menu

Tempura of fish from our shores | €22
Aïoli sauce, garden-fresh herb buisson

House-smoked duck carpaccio | €20
Seasonal chutney, herb buisson, herb caramel

Salmon and monkfish croustade | €21
Leek and olive oil coulis, millet risotto


Cod in a Ferme des 7 Chemins tomme cheese crust | €26
Mesclun salad and lamb’s lettuce pesto

Salmon steak in a salt and gingerbread breadcrumbs | €26
Stewed butternut squash with "Kari Gosse" hollandaise sauce


Shoulder of lamb, cooked for 7 hours, flavoured with rosemary | 29
Pommes dauphines with pumpkin

Veal scallop with herbs, pan juices, | €29
Green cabbage and seaweed cannelloni


Cheese platter, bed of salad with nuts | €11

Thin-crust apple tart* | €12
*please order at the start of your meal

"Belle Hélène Pear" poached with 4 spices | €12
Ice cream, chocolate 4 spices sauce

Pumpkin bavarois flavoured with orange | €12
Crispy feuilleté pastry, Gwell ice cream

Chocolate hazelnut dessert with chocolate cream | €12
Cocoa nub tuile, cocoa sorbet

Symphony of caramel | €12
Hazelnut crumble

Selection of ice creams and sorbets from our pastry chefs | €12

Plate of sweet treats | €12

Coffee and a selection of mini desserts | €13


Prices include tax and service
Locally sourced meat (French origin)