The organic gourmet restaurant « Les Jardins Sauvages »



The «Jardins Sauvages» Menu

Thinly-sliced house-smoked tenderloin, | €22
Marinated in camelina oil, beetroot chutney

Vegetable ravioli, stewed leeks with rice milk, | €20
Broth flavoured with coriander

Thinly sliced home-smoked and marinated salmon, | €21
Warm goat’s cheese on toast


Cod in a potato crust, | €26
Mushroom coulis, on a bed of spinach

Finely sliced monkfish in pepper crust, | €26
Carrot juice risotto, julienned vegetables


Shoulder of lamb, cooked for 7 hours, flavoured with rosemary, | 29
Potato croquettes

Janzé chicken stuffed with purple sorrel, | €29
Potatoes with bacon


Cheese platter, bed of salad with nuts | €11

Thin-crust apple tart* | €12
*please order at the start of your meal

"Rum baba flavoured with chamomile*, | €12
Spiced apples
*please order at the start of your meal

Macaron revisited by our pastry chef, | €12
Citrus cream, orange sorbet and Earl Grey tea

Hazelnut and dark chocolate dessert, | €12
Creamy vanilla ice cream, caramelised hazelnuts

Gwell panna cotta flavoured with garden-fresh mint, | €12
Seasonal fruit poached in Vervain liqueur, fruit coulis

Selection of ice creams and sorbets from our pastry chef | €12

Plate of sweet treats | €12

Coffee and a selection of mini desserts | €13


Prices include tax and service
Locally sourced meat (French origin)